Voicemail Users Guide

Voice mail instructions on the following are available:


After you call AUDIX and log in, you will be given the choice of using any of the six major activities. These six activities are shown below, arranged as they relate to the keys on your telephone. The arrangement shown is called the Activity Menu. This quick guide explains how to use some of the basic functions selected from the Activity Menu.

  1. Record Messages

  2. Get Incoming Messages

  3. Personal Greeting

  4. Check Outgoing Messages*

  5. Password and Mailing List*

  6. Outcalling*

    *Note: Audix does not offer these options to you as prompts from this menu.


To login to the AUDIX system: The first time you call AUDIX it will ask you to record your name to be included in the system announcements. After following login procedures steps 1-3, follow the voice prompts.

  1. Dial the AUDIX extension number 3434 and wait for the system to answer.

  2. Enter your extension number, then press #, or just press # if you are calling from your extension.

  3. Enter your password, then press #. If you have just had AUDIX installed your default password is 9999.

  1. Press 5 at the Activity Menu.

  2. Press 5 again to record your name.

  3. At the tone, speak your name.

  4. Press 1 to stop recording. The system will repeat the name just recorded.

  5. Press 1 to rerecord or press # to approve.


You can have up to 9 personal greetings recorded but only three can be active at any given time. For example, you could record a greeting for office hours, another for after hours, another for weekends, and so on.

  1. Press 3 at the Activity Menu to select the Administer Greetings Options.

  2. Press 1 to Change, Create, or Delete a greeting.

  3. Press a greeting number. Start with 1 and number consecutively as you add new greetings.

  4. Press 1. At the tone speak your greeting.

  5. Press 1 to stop recording.

  6. Press 2 then 3 if you wish to listen to your greeting before approval.

  7. If the greeting is unsatisfactory, press *D to erase and follow step 5 - 7 to re-record.

  8. If the greeting is satisfactory, press # to approve the recording.

  9. To activate the greeting just recorded, follow the voice prompts. When finished with this activity press # and you will be returned to the Activity Menu.

  10. To activate a greeting previously recorded, press 3 from the Administer Greetings menu, then enter the greeting number.


Passwords are a form of security for your AUDIX mailbox. Passwords must be between six (6) and fifteen (15) digits long.

  1. Press 5 at the Activity Menu.

  2. Press 4 to change or modify your password.

  3. Enter your new password, then press #.

  4. Enter your new password again for confirmation, and then press #.

If you do not know your password, call the Helpdesk at x2964.


You can send an Audix message by calling the extension and leaving a message or by following this procedure. With the instructions below, you can leave a message for multiple extensions and schedule a time and date for message delivery.

  1. Press 1 to select Record Messages from the Activity Menu.

  2. After you hear the tone, speak your message.

  3. Press 1 to stop recording.

  4. To listen to the message press 2, then 3.

  5. If the message is acceptable, press # to approve.

  6. If you wish to delete and re-record the message press *D and then follow steps 2 - 4.

  7. To address your message, enter the AUDIX subscriber's extension number followed by a #. If you are sending the same message to several persons enter each extension followed by a #.

  8. When you are finished addressing, press #.

  9. For immediate delivery, press #. To keep a copy of your message, press 0 for the delivery option menu and follow the prompts.

A message can be scheduled for delivery up to one (1) year from the date it is recorded. To schedule messages for delivery, press 0 and follow the prompts.


Every incoming message consists of two (2) parts: the header and the message itself. The header tells you the type of message, the time and day and date of delivery, the message length, and the sender's identity (for messages from on-campus).

  1. Press 2 to Get Messages from the Activity Menu.

  2. AUDIX will read out the header first.

  3. Press 0 to listen to the message, or press # to save the message and skip to the next header, or press *D to delete the message.

  4. If you delete the message, AUDIX automatically skips to the next header.

Note: Audix is not meant to be used for long term storage of messages. In general, the system automatically deletes messages that are 13 days old. If you want to save important information, write it down.


You can respond to incoming messages in several ways. Listen carefully to the message header, which contains the name and extension number of the caller.

To reply immediately with a voice mail message (Use only when you hear a name):

  1. Listen to the message.

  2. Press 1 then 1 (again), then 9 to attach a copy of the original message, or 6 to just send the reply.

  3. Speak your message.

  4. Press 1 to stop the recording.

  5. Press # to approve the message and press # again to send it immediately.

To forward the message with your comments to another Audix user:

  1. Listen to the message.

  2. Press 1 then 2 to begin recording.

  3. Speak your comment.

  4. Press 1 then # to stop recording and approve your comment.

  5. Enter the recipient's address, then press #.

  6. Press # to send the message immediately.

To call back immediately without first hanging up (Use when you hear the name or extension of the caller):

  1. Listen to the message.

  2. Press 1 to respond.

  3. Press 0 to call the sender. AUDIX will automatically place the call.


Mailing lists can be used to send messages to the same group of people on a regular basis. A public list is one that anyone in Audix can use if they know the extension of the list owner and the name of the list. A private list can only be used by the creator of the list.

  1. Press 5 to select Passwords and Mailing Lists from the Activity Menu.

  2. Press 1 to create a mailing list.

  3. Enter a list name of up to six (6) letters and then press #.

  4. Press 1 if you want your list to be private or press 2 if you want to make your list public.

  5. Enter the mailbox/extension number of an individual recipient to add to your list and then press #.

  6. Repeat step 5 until your mailing list is complete.

  7. Press * # to approve the list.


After recording your voice mail message, do the following steps if you wish to use a list to address your message for delivery.

  1. Press *L to signal that you are about to enter a list as the address.

  2. Enter the address (extension/mailbox number) of the list owner or press # if you own the list.

  3. Enter the list name and then press #.

  4. Enter more addresses (extensions or list names), or press * # to signal that you have finished addressing.

  5. Press # if you want your message to be delivered immediately. Otherwise, follow the steps listed under recording and sending a message for more delivery options.




Press *H at any time for a complete list of current options. AUDIX will tell you the current activity and give you a list of options.



Press *R to return to the Subscriber Activity Menu. This command will return you to the beginning menu. You can also press *R to login to your mailbox if your call has been redirected to AUDIX.



Press **R to relogin to the system. This command, available only at the Activity Menu, allows two or more users to log in to their respective AUDIX mailboxes consecutively during a single phone call.



Press *D to delete a message or mailing list.



You can retrieve a message only by pressing **U, immediately after deleting the message. If you have pressed any other buttons after deleting the message, this command will not work.



Press *L after recording a message to tell AUDIX that you are about the enter a list name as an address.

Back Up


Press *B to back up to the previous message when you are listening to messages that you have accessed at least once, but have not deleted.



Press *W for the system to wait. Ordinarily, if you don't enter a command within a certain length of time, the system disconnects. This command pauses the system. When you are ready to continue, just press the key for the next activity you want to perform.

Transfer Out


Press *T and an extension number to transfer out of AUDIX and call another extension without hanging up.



If you are finished using AUDIX but do not want to hang up, press **X. AUDIX will then disconnect.


Hang up.

While listening to messages you may find the following commands helpful.


You can press 0 while playing the header to listen to a message.


Press 5 to rewind four seconds. Press 5 several times to rewind in four-second increments.

Fast-Forward by steps

Press 6 to fast forward four seconds. Press 6 several times to fast forward in four-second increments.

Increase Volume

Press 4 one or more times.

Decrease Volume

Press 7 one or more times.

Speed Increase

Press 9 to speed up playback.

Speed Decrease

Press 8 to slow down playback.