List of Sakai features

This table lists some of the Sakai features that relate to various teaching tasks for online, hybrid, and face to face courses.

Teaching Task

Sakai Action

Add a syllabus Use the Syllabus tool
Create a course introduction or orientation Use the Home page or the Lessons tool
Communicate to students about new assignments or resources Use the Announcement and Email tools
Create and deliver online assignments Use the Assignments tool
Create and deliver online exams or quizzes Use the Test & Quizzes tool
Have students peer-review other student work Use Peer Assessments within the Assignments tool
Have students complete group projects Use Group Submission within the Assignments tool
Share files, web links, and other resources with students Use the Resources tool
Grade items and allow students to see their grades Use the Gradebook tool
Hold an asynchronous class discussion Use the Forums tool
Hold a synchronous class discussion Use the Chat tool or a video-conferencing tool that integrates through Sakai
Have students sign up for a timeslot for office hours or other meetings Use the Sign-Up tool
Embed videos, links to resources, links to assignments, and other content Use the Lessons tool
Deliver sequenced content Use the Lessons tool
Check student work for plagiarism Use Turnitin within the Assignments tool
Keep a Calendar of class events Use the Schedule tool
Have students keep a journal or blog Use the Forums or Blogs tool
Track student activity within a course Use the Statistics tool
Use publisher or external content Sakai has LTI compatibility
Control access to course content Use the Site Info tool to manage groups
Deliver end-of-term student course evaluations Use Evaluation System