Student Resources

There are many sources of help for students needing Sakai-related assistance.

Quick Tips

I can’t seem to see my courses

There are two potential reasons for this.  

The first, could be you have the course currently hidden.  To unhide a course:

  • Go to My Workspace
  • Then go to the Preferences on the left hand navigation bar
  • Here you will see all courses
  • To make a course appear in the top hand navigation window, add it to Favorite Sites by dragging it into the appropriate field
  • Updated your preferences and you should see the courses appear

Note: You can also rearrange your courses in Preferences by just placing them above or below one another.

The second reason could be your professor isn’t using Sakai for their class or hasn’t published the course to Sakai.  If they are using Sakai but haven’t published the course, they will need to do so before you can see it.  Send them a friendly email and ask them if they plan to use Sakai and stipulate that you cannot see the course.  They should respond quickly, you can find email addresses for professors through the Bradley Directory at:

Best practices for accessing Sakai

When accessing Sakai for anything that is critical, there are a few recommendations that the Instructional Design and Learning Technologies team has put together to minimize issues.  First, you must use a wired connection due to the inherent issues with wireless.  Wireless is prone to drops and data loss due to environmental factors (I.E. a microwave) but a wired connection will not be affected by these influences.  Two, Sakai is tested using Mozilla Firefox, and therefore, we suggest that you use Mozilla Firefox when accessing Sakai (Google Chrome and Internet Explorer both work, but heavy testing is done with Firefox).  Lastly, check the front page of Sakai for any outage notes or planned maintenance.

Oh no! I lost internet connection during an exam, what should I do?

First, you should follow Douglas Adam’s advice from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and: “Don’t Panic”.  There are a few ways to design an exam in Sakai.  If the exam is designed in single question format, answer a question – press next – a new page appears with a new question, your progress has been saved. 

If the exam is not designed in single question format, then you will need to manually save your progress throughout the exam.  If a new page isn’t loaded in Sakai, Sakai thinks that you are no longer present and times out for security concerns.  In this format, you need to save your answers multiple times throughout the exam.  If there is an essay, write it in another program and paste it into the essay section.  This way, if you have timed out your session, all your work is available elsewhere.

A Few Tool FAQs

For our General FAQ, please visit on the left hand navigation bar or see the following link: General FAQ.

My Workspace

What is my workspace?

My workspace is what you see when you first log into Sakai.  This is a private and customizable workspace for the student.  Here you have your own private resources folder that you can upload files to like a USB drive or Google Drive.  Also you can use it to set your preferences, create a profile, maintain a private calendar, and a few other things.