General FAQ

What should I do if I lose Internet connection during an exam?

If the test is organized so that one question at a time is presented Sakai saves the progress as the user moves from one question to the next, i.e. clicks the "next" button to advance. When the connection is dropped, simply reconnect and refresh the page. Sakai will return the user to the next unanswered question.  If the test is organized with all the content on a single page, you need to manually save often.  The test can timeout and all data will be lost.  If working on an essay, you may want to copy and paste your work into a separate window just so it is duplicated.

Why does pasting directly from MS word create garbled text?

Pasting text from Microsoft Word directly into the WYSIWYG editor may result in garbled output, even if the text appears correct in the editor. Instead, you can select the paste button and deposit your text into the pop-up window with CTRL-V.  Certain formatting will never transfer as there is way for the editor to handle the new text.  In order to avoid this, keep your documents simple in terms of formatting.

Why is spellcheck not working?

If you are using a browser that has a built in spellchecker it will not work.  In order to use a spellchecker in the editor, you will need to use the built in spellchecker.  To do this, click the spellcheck button in the editor, and you will see a second set of lines appear below the current lines.  Right click these words and select the appropriate spelling.

Why is the E-mail tool unable to process my request?

The current version of Sakai requires the user to enter a subject before the e-mail is sent. The e-mail sent to students will have a subject line automatically generated by Sakai, the course title, as well as the subject listed when the e-mail is created. Provide a subject and the e-mail will be sent.

When I try to type in the wiki editor the screen jumps up and down.

In Internet Explorer 8, if compatibility mode is off and there is already a page worth of content in the editor (scrollbar appears), this problem occurs. To fix this problem, compatibility mode must be enabled. Compatibility mode can be enabled in the browser by clicking the icon next to the address bar.  Please use the appropriate browsers: Firefox and then Chrome.

What is the reset button in Sakai?

There is a small button that appears to the left of the name of each tool. This button, represented by a blue curled arrow, is called the reset button. Use the reset button to return to the starting point of any tool, as if you had entered the tool in a new session. 

Sakai is making me log back in whenever I click on a link. How do I fix this?

Please clear your internet browser's history, cookies and cache. Once you have done this you will need to quit your browser completely and restart it.  If this doesn't work, please try a different browser before contacting the helpdesk.

Why can't I use the browser Back button while using Sakai?

Sakai is designed to function independently of your browser buttons. If you change your mind about a task, such as posting a syllabus or a resource item, you need to rely on the buttons within Sakai to cancel the action instead of your browser's Back button. Choose the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the screen or the "Reset" button at the top left of the screen.

Can students email other students in a site?

Yes, if the Mail tool is available in the site. This tool gives students the ability to easily create an e-mail and send it to select individual students or groups of students.

How do I manage my course tabs?

To manage the course tabs in Sakai,
Go to 'My Workspace' tab and click Preferences in the tool list.
Shift the course site(s) to the Active or Hidden box as desired and hit the 'Update Preferences' button at the bottom.