Web-based Conferencing


Bill Allison
Academic Support Specialist
Jobst Hall, Room 237
Phone 677-2329
Joe Bohna
Audiovisual Services Manager
Jobst Hall, Room 237
Phone 677-3387

Video Conferences

Video conferencing allows live, two-way interactive audio and video. Bradley is using this technology to collaborate on semester-long coursework, host guest lecturers, and conduct large group discussions at multiple sites around the country and world. Web based conferencing is also integrated into this room.

We are capable of taking video conference technology into a typical classroom using a portable video conferencing setup.

Web conferencing tools can be used in any location on campus. Learning Design and Technology uses Skype and WebEx to support campus users.

To conduct or participate in a video conference, you will need the software to run it, a computer or capable mobile device, a web cam or built-in camera, microphone, and speakers or headset.