YouSeeU and Sync Meetings

YouSeeU allows students to interact with fellow students and their professors in a more personal, fun format. YouSeeU has two main functions: 1) video-based assignments tool for student presentations, group collaboration, and oral exams, and 2) synchronous web-based meetings tool for holding live classes or meetings online.  Video-based assignments include:

  • Conversation: Students participate in an asynchronous conversation with one or more classmates.
  • Question & Answer: The Q&A activity involves the instructor pre-recording questions to ask students, giving students a few seconds to think about their responses before answering. Student recordings to multiple questions are combined into one recording.
  • Individual Video: Students submit a video to complete this activity. PowerPoint slides are available to add into this activity.
  • In-Class Video: For this activity, educators facilitate student recordings in the classroom

The Sync Meetings tool of YouSeeU adds functionality we have come to expect from platforms like WebEx.  It features video and audio for up to 6 presenters at a time, with a capacity of up to 50 participants.  There is chat window, a virtual whiteboard, ability to share your desktop or presentation slides. This system allows instructors to hold class, office hours, or individual appointments, as well as other uses. If professors grant permission, students can also use this meeting tool to touch base on group projects, to discuss classwork, or to get to know their classmates. 

New User Interface and Features

The YouSeeU user interface was upgraded this summer and the new YouSeeU interface offers simplified menus and easier workflow for faculty.  Additionally, the grade entry allows for percentages. There are very few changes for students.  

Sync Meeting has a streamlined look and simplified launch process.  It includes a new polling feature, an option for creating breakout rooms, and emoticons.  File and screen sharing are now compatible with Chrome as well as Firefox.  Faculty members can also schedule and enter meetings immediately.  The new version is being offered as beta (still in development), but the original Sync Meeting tool is also available.  To use the new version, navigate to the Sync Meeting menu and choose Sync Meeting (new and improved)


YouSeeU New User Interface Tutorial for Faculty - Highlights the changes to the YouSeeU and Sync Meetings tools

Workshops & Training:

YouSeeU webinar - schedule at a time that is mutually convenient by contacting youseeu@bradley.edu

YouSeeU integrates with Sakai, Bradley’s learning management system, making access and grade-transfer possible. This tool is useful for online and hybrid courses, but face-to-face classes as well. 

Potential benefits to students or faculty members

  • Feeling of being more ‘involved’ in class
  • Opportunity to easily speak face-to-face with instructor
  • Valuable way to improve speaking communication
  • Increased synergy in online or hybrid courses
  • Implementation of the newest technology
  • Personal manner to provide feedback and coaching

Visit the YouSeeU knowledge base for more information and tutorials: http://youseeu.info/home/knowledge-base/