Vacant House Watch Program

The BUPD invites members of the Bradley community residing in the near off-campus neighborhoods to register their residences with the Vacant House Watch prior to leaving campus for fall break, winter break, or spring break. During the breaks, police officers will check registered vacant residences daily as part of their routine patrols.

Participants may register at the BUPD office, 1200 W. Main Street, in the Campustown Shopping Center, or in Macmillan Hall at Central Communications by providing dates their homes will be vacant, contact names, and other pertinent information. The information provided to the police will remain strictly confidential.

Students, faculty and staff who are leaving vehicles on campus over the semester break periods are encouraged to park in the Main Street or Duryea Avenue parking decks. During breaks, no permit or fee will be required. Parking in the decks offers more security for vehicles.

To stop mail delivery, contact the USPS at

BUPD instituted the Vacant House Watch program during Winter 2011-2012 break and it was successful in reducing the number of burglaries in the area. Through the Vacant House Watch program and with your continued cooperation, we intend to make the campus and near off-campus neighborhoods safer during vacation periods or extended absences.