The Tuition Exchange


The Tuition Exchange program is for dependent children of full-time Bradley employees who are enrolled in a first undergraduate program. This program is administered by the Office of Financial Assistance on behalf of the Faculty Senate's Contractual Arrangements Committee. A limited number of new scholarships (typically two to four) are available in a given year, so there is no guarantee that all employees will have the opportunity to participate.

Eligibility for participation is determined by years of service. A minimum of five years of continuous, full-time service is required for participation. The Office of Financial Assistance gives priority consideration to application requests received by October 1, 2019.

If selected, you will need to provide the top portion of your 2019 Federal 1040 tax return which shows the student listed as a dependent. Failure to do so by April 15, 2020 will cause us to withdraw the student’s Tuition Exchange application.

If at any time an employee decides to decline their position in the program, please notify Mhairi Doty in the Office of Financial Assistance to ensure the next person in line has the opportunity to use this benefit.

More specific information about the application and selection process can be found here. You must read through the entire portion of the site about Tuition Exchange.