Message Regarding Recent Natural Disasters

Dear Bradley Family, 

Watching a second hurricane impact our country in just two weeks, I am reminded of the number of events across the globe, from wildfires and hurricanes, to earthquakes and torrential rains and more. With each natural disaster, I watch as the thoughts on campus immediately turn to our alumni and friends, wanting to know how they are doing and hoping for the best. This is especially true for South Florida where Bradley has such a large number of alumni and friends — both retirees and those still in the workforce.

While I am certainly concerned for all those affected, I also have a feeling of pride. I am proud to be a part of a community that cares so much about each other, with so many anxious to help however they can.

As I said not very long ago after Hurricane Harvey hit South Texas, for those dealing with the aftermath of these tragedies, please know that you have the sympathy and support of the entire Bradley community during this awful time. We will keep you all in our hearts and minds in the months and years ahead.


Gary R. Roberts
President and Professor