Faculty and Staff Partnerships

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We work directly with faculty and staff seeking to develop relationships with community and external partners as well as explore sponsored engagement.

For information or to set up a meeting to discuss potential opportunities, contact Jim Foley, Director of Business and Non-profit Partnerships, at partnerships@bradley.edu.

Engagement Planning

Interested faculty or staff will have an introductory meeting with one of our team members to discuss the needs, goals, and develop an implementation plan to guide you through the process. We will help you identify an assess potential partners that will maximize the benefits for all parties.

Connections, Agreements, and Ongoing Management

We can help you connect with potential partners or sponsors and work with all parties to develop any necessary agreements. These may be informal or through the use of agreements or contracts. Additionally, we can help to continue fostering these relationships as well as assess continued experiences.

Established Partnerships

It is important for Bradley University to recognize colleagues and credit students for ongoing, outstanding work with partners. Please make us aware of your work in this area by completing this form.