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Tutor Matching Service

Scheduling An Appointment

  1. Click the button to visit Tutor Matching Service below.
  2. Search for your Course Code (e.g. “PHY107” or “MTH112”)
  3. For free tutoring, look for a tutor that has an hourly rate listed with “or $0.” Students pay hourly rates beyond their 2 free weekly hours or for appointments for courses where free tutoring is not offered. Students will never be asked to enter payment account information for free tutoring.
  4. Click “View Tutor” to see the tutor’s profile. Courses with a green check mark under “SUBJECTS & COURSES” on the tutor profile can be booked for free tutoring.
  5. Click “BOOK OR MESSAGE TUTOR” at the top of the profile. If you haven’t created an account, you will need to do so. Be sure to set it up with your Bradley email address in order to access free tutoring.
  6. Complete the steps to request an appointment or contact the tutor to set up an alternate meeting time.

Please note that TMS is also our platform for paid, private tutoring. You may locate other tutors associated with Bradley University who are not employed by Bradley.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring will take place using GoBoard. GoBoard meetings will be created when you book your tutoring appointment. At this time, we know GoBoard is compatible with PCs and Macs running Firefox or Chrome browser and on iPads. GoBoard is not yet compatible with Android devices.

If you are using an Android device, please let your tutor know so a Google Hangout meeting can be scheduled instead.

Sign Up To Be A Tutor Through TMS

  1. Tutors simply need to go to
  2. Tutors select “login/sign up” in the upper right corner of the website.
  3. Tutors should select Bradley University, and log in using Gmail or Facebook, or by creating a TMS account using their school email address and a password of their choosing. They need to use this login information every time they come back to TMS.
  4. Tutors then should follow the sign-up process. They can set up their calendar, but they will be able to come back and edit this information at any time. Make sure they also download and log in to the TMS app to complete their sign up.

Badge Descriptions

ASC approved badge

This tutor meets all requirements for employment with the Academic Success Center. See requirements here. In order to be approved for this badge, please submit your request through your TMS profile and email the instructor of the course requesting that they send a recommendation to the Academic Success Center ( or see an example email. Your badge will be approved after we receive the recommendation from your instructor.

ASC tutor badge

This tutor is also employed by the Academic Success Center. This badge is only available to tutors who currently work for the Academic Success Center or who have worked for the Academic Success Center within the past academic year. In order to be approved for this badge, please submit your request through your TMS profile.

Trained tutor badge

This tutor has completed the basic tutor training course offered by TMS. Badge requests will only be approved for students who complete Tutor Essential training in the TMS platform. In order to be approved for this badge, please submit your request through your TMS profile.

CRLA certified badge

This tutor meets all requirements for and is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association