Resources for Faculty

What's New in the ASC?

See our list of Important Changes in the ASC for the Fall of 2017.

Ways to Partner with the ASC

  • Schedule a class visit 
    We understand that your class time is valuable, but inviting a representative (either a tutor or ASC staff) for as little as five minutes is a great way to encourage students to use our co-curricular resources. Instead of cancelling class when you know you will be gone, schedule us to provide an interactive study skills workshop tailored to fit your specific content area. 
  • Help us promote our services
    If we offer peer tutoring for your class, please make regular announcements in class and encourage students to use these services.
  • Visit the Academic Success Center
    Holding office hours and/or visiting the Academic Success Center to assist students who are studying is an exceptional way to support your students' learning. The Academic Success Center is happy to host faculty members in general study spaces or in more private offices or conference rooms. We are happy to provide space, given availability, for review sessions or for instructor office hours. Please call our office to make arrangements.