Private Tutoring

Academic Success Center Private Tutoring is a service hosted by the Academic Success Center for students who wish to meet with an individual student one-on-one for tutoring. Private Tutors are available to peers for tutoring in specific, approved subjects and/or courses. 

Private Tutoring provides students with a verified list of tutors who are approved by the faculty and the Academic Success Center to provide peer tutoring services. Students are responsible for coordinating and arranging all meeting and payment details directly with one another. Private Tutors are not necessarily employees of the Academic Success Center and are not paid by Bradley University for the Private Tutoring services they provide. Students who request tutorial services are responsible for payment for all services provided by their Private Tutor(s).

By participating in the Academic Success Center Private Tutoring program, you agree that you understand and accept each of the following terms and conditions.

  • The Academic Success Center and/or Bradley University are not responsible for the payment of services provided by private tutors.
  • Students should use the Memorandum of Understanding to document the terms of the private tutoring services they provide, including the scheduling of tutoring appointments and the collection of payments.
  • In order to be a participating tutor in the Private Tutoring program, students must complete the entire Academic Success Center tutor application process. This involves submission of a tutor application, regular verification of minimum grade point average standards (cumulative GPA not to fall below 2.75) and confirmation of departmental approval from the academic department(s) that offer(s) the course(s) for which the tutor would like to tutor.
  • Private Tutors are offered three designations of approval: Department Approval, meaning tutors are approved by the faculty in the department that offers the course; Tutor Trainee, meaning tutors are in the process of completing formal training; and ASC Certification, meaning tutors have completed six modules of training in the Academic Success Center tutor training program. Private Tutors will not be paid for their time in training. In exchange, the Academic Success Center will promote the Private Tutor services. All Private Tutors must have Department Approval before being listed in this service.
  • At any time and at its discretion, the Academic Success Center may remove Private Tutor participants from the program based on grievances, complaints, or other issues associated with and reported by students tutored through the program. Likewise, Private Tutors may have their information removed at any time by submitting the request in writing to the coordinator of the Private Tutor program.
  • Private Tutors will have their Bradley University email address published and available for students to use for correspondence related to scheduling appointments. Private Tutors must check their Bradley University email address on a regular basis and respond in a reasonable amount of time to requests for tutoring (usually within two business days). Private Tutors should not respond to requests from individuals (including students) who do not use a Bradley University email account to request services.
  • Private Tutors agree to coordinate tutoring appointments in public locations, generally on the Bradley University campus, and behave professionally and ethically in the delivery of their services. University Academic Integrity policies must be firmly adhered to by Private Tutors at all times.
  • Bradley University and the Academic Success Center are not responsible for any unpaid tutoring fees, the administration of tutor appointment scheduling, or any other costs or damages that may be incurred or imposed through the use of this service.
  • The Academic Success Center recommends an hourly rate of $9 per hour, with the minimum fee for sessions less than one hour to not fall below $9.

If you agree to the terms above, please click here to view the list of available Private Tutors.

Students who wish to be listed in the Private Tutor directory to offer one-on-one tutoring should complete the Tutor Application and submit the completed application and Private Tutoring Agreement. These documents should be submitted to Dr. Susan Rapp in the Academic Success Center, Cullom-Davis Library 320.

Please submit any questions, concerns, or feedback about our Private Tutor Program to