Center for Student Development and Transitional Services

Welcome to the Bradley University’s Center for Student Development and Transitional Services website. Through our numerous seminars, activities and programs we strive to assist all students make good choices and have a positive and meaningful college experience both inside and outside of the classroom. 

In most cases, a student’s first interaction with us will either be through our respective freshman or transfer Orientation programs. Here we introduce new students to the resources, services and on-campus professionals who can assist them in their acclimation to Bradley University.  Otherwise, students can choose to enroll in or change their major into our award winning Academic Exploration Program, a program for students that are exploring major and minor options. Many students in this program will also be advised by their instructors who are academic advisors in this area.

The transition from high school to college or from one college to another can be challenging. Both freshman and transfer students have the opportunity to sign up for EHS 120, our first year experience course.  This is a one credit bearing semester long course that will acclimate new students academically and socially to the University. The Center for Student Development and Transitional Services also provides programming and opportunities for transfer students to connect through the Office for Transfer Student Assistance (OTSA). For example, recently Residential Living has created living space for transfer students only. When coming onto campus, many transfer students know little about their surroundings and who and where other transfer students can be found. The choice to live among other transfer students is one method of connection that OTSA provides students.

Our Center consists of a number of professionals who are dedicated in helping students succeed at Bradley University. With backgrounds in advising, testing and transfer student services, we are prepared to assist Bradley students by providing academic direction and opportunities for social assimilation that will allow students to start their tenure at Bradley with confidence and feeling comfortable with their college choice.   

For more information please stop by our office in Heitz Hall 100, call us at (309) 677-2420, or send an e-mail to studentdevelopment@bradley.edu.