First Year Experience

“The University Experience” course, EHS 120, is designed to assist new freshman and transfer students with getting acclimated into life on campus both inside and outside of the classroom. This one hour credit bearing course will provide students the opportunity to meet and interact with other new students who are also experiencing the same set of transitional issues they are. During the semester long course, students will discover how to get involved on campus, the plethora of resources and services available to them, potentially participate in some form of community service, learn how to navigate the academic advisement and course selection process, time management tips, and engage in social and interactive discussions about college life. The course consists of approximately 20 new students in each section and is team taught by a professional staff or faculty member and a student leader on campus.  The class is team taught so that students can utilize both instructors as resources during their first semester and beyond.

The “University Experience” has been studied to measure its effect on first-year college students. These studies show that students who take EHS 120 are more likely to persist and graduate than students who do not take the course.   Students who successfully complete the one hour course also have higher first year grade point averages than students who do not take the course. 

Freshmen have a number of sections they can pick from during Summer Orientation. Some sections are reserved for special populations such as Honor students or athletes, or those majoring in Nursing, Engineering, Teacher Education, Psychology or Health Sciences. Transfer students can also take advantage of this opportunity in the fall and spring semester as well. Due to the nature and structure of the course, Bradley students are only eligible to take this course the first semester they enter the University.

What students have said about EHS 120 in the past:

  • “A credit hour for a fun and an interesting class.”
  • “Anytime I really need to know something, I can e-mail my instructor and he/she will help me find an answer to my question.”
  • “It was useful to learn the general perspective of other students.  It’s always nice to know that you are not alone in some of your thoughts and beliefs.”
  • “EHS 120 helped me the most during the first few weeks of school when I was still trying to adjust to being at Bradley.”