Spring semester of your junior year
  • Discuss graduate school options with faculty and career advisor
  • Research programs
  • Obtain application packages. (if possible)
  • Develop a timeline for the application process.

Summer before your senior year
  • Sign up for required standardized test.
  • Prepare for and take the tests.
  • If possible, visit prospective campuses.

Fall semester of your senior year
  • Meet with faculty members to discuss your personal statement (EARLY).
  • Ask for letters of recommendation. Give them the necessary information to write your references (forms, resume, personal statement, etc.) (EARLY).
  • Attend appropriate graduate school fairs and events
  • Verify deadline, including those for financial aid.
  • Inquire about Assistantships and Fellowships.
  • Complete your personal statement.
  • Order transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended.
  • Complete application forms. (Do a draft on a photocopy first).

End of fall semester and beginning of spring semester of your senior year
  • Submit applications (at least 2 weeks before published deadline).
  • Contact institutions to ensure your applications were received.
  • Some programs may require you to visit campus to interview for the program or for assistantships.

Alumni and students graduating in DECEMBER, you will need to adjust your application timeline. Check with the programs you are applying to for admission. Some allow "rolling" admissions (spring semester start) while others only start during the fall.