How the Smith Career Center can help YOU


  • Individual career advising is available by appointment, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Please call (309) 677-2510 to set up an appointment with your Career Advisor.
  • Our website has information on career events, career paths, job search preparation, graduate school search, and much more!
  • Use Bradley netWORK to search positions, request on-campus interviews, send resumes to employers, connect with professionals, and stay updated on career opportunities and events.


  • Your resume and cover letter must in perfect order. As competition increases for available positions, application materials must be without error and targeted to each individual opportunity. Use the available online resources and SCC for Overnight Review.
  • A practice or mock interview will help you prepare for the big day. We advise students to meet with their Career Advisor to review recorded interviews in order to receive feedback and additional tips.
  • Ask yourself, "what can I do to make myself a better candidate by graduation?" Additional courses in public speaking, writing, team work, software usage, etc. may help. Volunteering for an organization that needs your skill set is also a good way to gain experience and to network. Asking for additional responsibilities in your internship or part-time job will enhance your knowledge and skills.
  • Go to the various BU career fairs (and off-campus/virtual fairs) to meet with employers. Some of the best prospects may be found with non-profit, government (especially Federal), and small/mid-sized organizations.
  • You may be considering graduate school. Graduate school allows you to focus on an area of academic interest and should not be used to delay a job search. Consider your career goals, career outcomes for graduates, and the cost of graduate school.


  • You may be tempted to switch your major into something you believe is more "stable." However, the employment outlook for different careers changes. Pick a major and career to utilize your skills, interests, and values. "What Can I Do With A Major In?" and your Career Advisor may help with your decision and better understanding of your major.
  • Meet with your Career Advisor to discuss formal career assessment (testing).
  • Gain career-related experience, whether from part-time jobs, internships, volunteer experiences, student organizations, or research projects. Look for ways to improve your marketability.
  • Learn about a wide range of employers by attending BU career fairs (and off-campus/virtual fairs), participating in student organization meetings, and making contact with classroom/organization guest speakers.