eRecruiting Info Guide

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Access your personalized account via MyBU. Log into your MyBU account using your BUnetID and password. Click on the Bradley eRecruiting link on the MyInfo tab. New students will be prompted to create an account upon first log-in. Click below to get started.

eRecruiting Quick Tips (pdf)

Step #1: Editing Your Profile

Before entering into your eRecruiting account, you will be required to fill in several fields of your profile. When employers search for candidates, the search is conducted through your profile, so it's important that your information is accurate and current!

Select Profile on the navigation bar. Use the links on this page to edit your profile or change your account password. Be sure to enter your campus address, e-mail address, GPA, student status, and skills. All fields marked with the magnifying glass icon are searchable by employers.

Step #2: Uploading Your Resume into eRecruiting

Uploading your resume allows you to apply for jobs through eRecruiting; however, your resume is not viewable to employers and cannot be referred by the SCC to an employer for a relevant position unless you publish it to a resume book (see #3 below).

Select Documents on the navigation bar. Select a document type (resume, cover letter, or writing sample) from the drop down menu. On the next page, select Browse and find the document you wish to upload. Select Upload.

Tips for Uploading Documents to eRecruiting (pdf)

Step #3: Publishing Your Resume to a Resume Book(s)

Publishing your resume makes it viewable to employers as part of a web resume book and for the Smith Career Center to refer to employers for relevant positions. A published resume increases visibility in a job search.

Select Documents on the main navigation bar. Locate the "Publish Resume" box and select Go. Locate the "Additional Resume Books" section. Identify the resume book(s) in which you wish to publish and select a resume from the drop down menu. Select Save Changes.

Web Job Listings

eRecruiting provides numerous ways to search for full-time and part-time jobs, internships and co-op positions. New jobs are continuously posted by Bradley University, HotJobs, and CareerBuilder. To begin your search, you may either conduct a Quick Search from the Student Home Page, or click on Jobs & Internships on the main navigation bar.
  • Jobs (full-time entry-level or experienced, part-time/full-time non-career related, or on-campus)
  • Internships (career-related work experience during summer, fall, or spring semester with the same or multiple employers)
  • Co-ops ( 3-5 career-related work sessions with the same employer utilizing a full-time alternating school/work schedule; for engineering and technology students)

Begin with a broad search by selecting criteria in one or two search fields, then refine the results.

Saved Searches
  • Save search criteria and perform the same search in the future with one-click.
  • From the job search results page, click on the saved search link at the top of the listing to receive periodic notification e-mails when new jobs are posted.

Search by Employer
  • View all jobs posted by a specific employer.
  • Select employer from the navigation bar. Type in the employer name and search.

Job Folders
  • Manage your job search and keep track of your applications by grouping job listings in folders.

Applying for Jobs
Once you've found a job listed in eRecruiting that you would like to apply for, the procedure for applying depends on the employer's selection. Remember--any time you apply for a job or interview schedule, it is considered an application.

Employers who list jobs in eRecruiting can choose to allow students to apply for their jobs directly online, including on-campus recruiting, or list an alternate application process. If you are eligible to apply online for a job you are viewing, click on the Apply Online or Alternate Application link at the bottom of the page. Using the drop-down menu, select the resume and any other documents you wish to submit.

Campus Interviewing
Open Interview Schedule:
  • If the job you have applied for has an open interview schedule for on-campus recruiting, you will be directed to select an interview time slot as part of the application process.
Pre-select Interview Schedule:
  • If you apply for a job with a pre-select campus interview schedule, you will be notified by email upon the employer decision. Once notified, you will be able to select your interview time.

Viewing and Managing Your Applications and Interviews
You can manage your job applications from the Applications section in eRecruiting. This includes signing up for an interview time, changing a scheduled time or withdrawing an application. Click on the Applications link in the main navigation bar and view any of your applications. Note that once you have signed up for an interview schedule, that schedule is more easily found through the Events section of your account.

Need Help?
The Smith Career Center staff members are happy to help you with your eRecruiting account. Call us at (309) 677-2510 with your questions.