Cooperative Education and Internship Program

Career-Related Work Experience
Bradley University encourages students to gain career-related work experience prior to graduation through internship, cooperative education and summer or part-time employment.

Cooperative Education and Internship Program
Bradley's centralized, nationally recognized university-wide Cooperative Education/Internship Program provides a dynamic plan for professional development that effectively integrates classroom theory with career-related work experience. The program is available to students in all five colleges of the University.

Program Definitions

  • Cooperative Education and Internship Program
    A program in which students obtain career-related work experience prior to graduation. Available for students in the Foster College of Business, Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts, College of Education and Health Sciences, and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • Engineering and Technology Cooperative Education Program
    A program of multiple work assignments with the same employer for students in the College of Engineering and Technology. Students alternate periods of full-time career-related work.
  • Engineering and Technology Internship Program
    Students in the College of Engineering and Technology work full-time during an academic semester or summer. These work assignments are career-related and may be with the same or multiple employers.

Program Options

  • The part-time option allows students to attend classes at Bradley while working part-time with a local employer. The option is available to students in all colleges except the College of Engineering and Technology.
  • The full-time option allows students to work full-time during an academic semester or summer with a local or out of area employer.
  • The full-time alternating option is based upon alternating periods of full-time study and full-time work. These multiple work assignments are usually with the same employer.

Program Requirements

  • Minimum of sophomore standing at the start of the work assignment
  • Consent of Co-op/Intern Coordinator and/or Co-op/Intern Faculty Advisor
  • Registration in appropriate Cooperative Education or Internship course
  • Credit options and requirements vary by college

Student Work Schedules
Work assignments correspond to the academic calendar

  • August - December/January (fall semester)
  • January Interim (3 week work assignment)
  • January - May (spring semester)
  • May - August (summer)

Benefits for Employers Hiring Co-op or Intern Students

  • Obtain qualified workers to assist during peak periods or with special projects
  • Fill part-time positions with progressive and eager workers
  • Acquire near professional assistance at less than professional wages
  • Gain visibility on campus as student workers become "ambassadors" for Co-op/Intern employers' organization
  • "Test-drive" potential new hires prior to full-time job offers
  • Use as a recruitment tool

Benefits for Students Participating in the Cooperative Education/Internship Program

  • Gain career-related work experience
  • Clarify career options
  • Earn money to off-set college expenses
  • Obtain exposure to the "real world" of work, its expectations and variety of opportunities
  • Realize increased job opportunities upon graduation
  • Acquire networking opportunities with professionals in chosen fields

Connect With Bradley Students

Guide for Hiring Students

  • Employer provides Smith Career Center with job descriptions
  • Smith Career Center posts the job online
  • Student applies directly to employers of choice and/or
  • Employer views resumes in Web Resume Book
  • Employer reviews resumes, interviews students and makes hiring decision
  • Employer notifies Smith Career Center of hires

Registration and Monitoring Responsibilities
Bradley Student

  • Registers for appropriate Cooperative Education/Internship course at beginning of each work assignment
  • Completes Pre-evaluation for each assignment
  • Meets with supervisor and completes Goals Statement at beginning of each assignment
  • Completes Final Evaluation and writes Essay at end of each assignment

Bradley University

  • Registers student for Cooperative Education/Internship Course
  • Monitors student progress
  • Provides student and employer with program deadline dates and final evaluation materials
  • Assigns grade

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Assigns supervisor
  • Supervises and evaluates student
  • Identifies meaningful and challenging work; establishes expectations
  • Meets with student to complete Goals Statement at beginning of each work assignment
  • Completes Student Performance Evaluation at end of each work assignment
  • Increases student responsibilities with each additional work assignment