2010-2011 Executive Summary


We are pleased to report that the Bradley University placement rate for the recent graduating class is the highest in five years. The rate for 2011-2012 Bachelor’s degree recipients is 95%. Other facts about the 2011-2012 Bachelor’s recipients include:

  • The 95% rate was an increase of 4% over last year’s rate of 91%.
  • There were 1065 graduates, 86 less than 2010-2011.
  • Ninety-six percent of the 1065 graduates participated in at least one experiential learning experience while at Bradley.
  • Of the 1065 graduates, 86% (n=914) had a career-related experience, such as an internship, while enrolled at Bradley. Of this group, 81% were employed compared to 65% for those without a documented career-related experience.
  • Four of the colleges showed a 2-4% placement rate increase over last year while the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts increased by 7%.
  • The recent graduates benefited from an increase in recruiting activity with a record number of employers participating in both the Spring and Fall job fairs in 2012.
  • Seventy-nine percent of the graduates are employed compared to 70% in the 2010-2011 class, a 9% increase demonstrating the nation-wide improvement in hiring.
  • Of the 759 who are employed, 97% indicated that their jobs are related to their career interests or field of study.
  • Graduates were employed with 489 different employers in 32 states and 5 countries.
  • Of the 759 graduates who accepted employment, 575 are employed in Illinois. The greater Peoria and Chicago areas are attractive for new graduates with 65% (n=496) reported to be working in these two locations.
  • In addition to Illinois, other states attracting five or more Bradley graduates included California, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.
  • Student athletes had a 100% placement rate with 27 employed and 10 in graduate school.
  • Ninety-seven percent used the services of the Smith Career Center.
  • The top source for job leads for the accepted positions was Smith Career Center resources, such as internships, job fairs, eRecruiting among others.
  • Thirteen percent (n=129) are continuing their education immediately after receiving their undergraduate degrees, a 6% decrease from last year.
  • Most of these graduates entered graduate and professional schools (n=103) while some graduates are completing requirements for a second Bachelor’s degree or specialized training.
  • Graduate and professional programs attracting ten or more included business, psychology, engineering, and physical therapy. Of the 103, 31% are enrolled in graduate programs in medical and healthcare-related fields and 19% in the counseling, psychology or social work fields.
  • Average starting salaries for each college were: Business Administration - $46,636; Communications and Fine Arts - $34,047; Education and Health Sciences - $41,172; Engineering and Technology - $56,788; and Liberal Arts and Sciences - $37,301.

Advanced degree recipients showed a 99% rate, with information gathered on 71% of the graduates. Top employers of the advanced degree recipients were Caterpillar Inc., Peoria Public School District 150 and Bradley University, where many were employed while completing their degrees.

The Smith Career Center staff deserves special recognition for the outstanding assistance they consistently provide to students and employers.

Jane Linnenburger
Executive Director