How To Participate

Scheduling Options
There two primary scheduling options used by employers: PRE-SELECT and OPEN.

PRE-SELECT INTERVIEW SCHEDULE: Students submit their resume to the employer through Bradley netWORK for interview consideration. The employer reviews resumes and selects candidates to interview. Once selected, candidates may sign-up for an interview time through Bradley netWORK.

OPEN INTERVIEW SCHEDULE: All interested candidates will be directed to select an interview time slot. Interviews are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Campus Interview Specifics

Researching the Employer
Employers interviewing on campus expect candidates to be knowledgeable about their organization. Most organizations now have annual reports, recruiting information, program descriptions and locations on their company website. Additional research can also be done through outside reading, talking to faculty and alumni or current employees of the organization.

Interview Check-In
All interviews are held in the Smith Career Center in Burgess Hall, unless otherwise noted. When you arrive for each interview, check in with the receptionist. You should check in at least 10 minutes before your scheduled interview.

Recruiter Names and Contact Information
Candidates should obtain the recruiters business card at the end of the interview for follow-up and thank you notes. However, business cards of interviewers are collected the morning of each day of interviews by our staff.

Interview Feedback
Recruiters are encouraged, but not required, to complete an interview feedback for each candidate for advising purposes. After the interview day, stop by the Career Center to check for an interview feedback form for you. Candidates are encouraged to schedule with their career advisor to discuss your ratings and strategies for improving interviewing skills.

Policy Information