Thank You's and Follow-Ups

Follow-up after a Job Fair or Networking Event | Thank-You Letter after an Interview | Follow-up After an Interview
Acknowledgment of a Job Offer | Withdrawing from an Interview Process | Responding to a Rejection Letter

Follow-up after a Job Fair or Networking Event

Sending a short note or email after meeting a new contact can have positive benefits in a job search. They should be sent within a few days of the meeting.

  • Reference where you met and thank him/her for speaking with you.
  • Reference the conversation and 1-2 elements which were particularly interesting.
  • If conversation referenced a job, provide information about application steps you have taken and inquire about an interview.
  • Provide complete contact information and a resume (if appropriate).


Thank-You Letter after an Interview

Thank-you letters are important to your job search as they confirm your interest in a position after an interview. They should be sent as soon as possible after the interview. Letters can be sent via email (if hiring decisions are being made right away) or by traditional mail. In your letter, be sure to:

  • Thank the employer for his or her time and express your enthusiasm for the position.
  • Restate your interest and best qualifications include any important points not covered in the interview.
  • Highlight any points of discussion that were of particular interest. If there were multiple interviewers, it is a good idea to send a personalized thank you to each participant.


Follow-up after an interview

One important question to ask at the end of every interview - What is the anticipated timing of the next step of the interview process?

If the deadline provided has passed and you have not heard back from the employer, it is appropriate to call or email and inquire about the status of the opening. When following up, be sure to include your name, date of the interview, and position title as part of the communication. When leaving a telephone message, speak slowly and be sure to repeat your phone number at the beginning and end of the message.


Acknowledgment of a Job Offer

When you receive a job offer from an organization, it is important to acknowledge receiving the information and to confirm your interest in the position. Be sure to:

  • Acknowledge the offer by re-stating the specifics of the opportunity: job title, salary, starting date, starting location or any other terms of the contract that were conveyed to you verbally or in writing.
  • Express appreciation/excitement about the job.
  • Supply the date by which you will make a decision.


Withdrawing from an Interview Process

Once you accept a position, it is important to alert any other company where you have applied that you no longer wish to be considered for a position. It is important to handle this professionally as you may decide to pursue employment opportunities with the organization in the future. You can do this by phone or by email.

Express appreciation of the offer along with regrets that you are declining it. You do not need to give specific reasons for declining or the name of the organization whose offer you have accepted.


Responding to a Rejection Letter

A thank-you letter sent after a rejection can be used to indicate interest in other opportunities with the organization in the future. Content is similar to the thank you letter outlined above. It can also be an opportunity to request feedback on your interviewing skills