Testing Services - Employers


  • Provide results that give you the confidence to understand each candidate as well as possible, which will help ensure the success of your organization.
  • Provide tests for external candidates for employment, internal candidates for promotion, and to current employees for developmental purposes.
  • Allow you to "fill in the gaps" by identifying characteristics that are difficult to uncover through traditional employment interviewing.
  • Evaluate candidates through tests measuring cognitive reasoning, critical thinking skills, and even more specialized abilities, such as mechanical comprehension, proofreading, and spatial perception.
  • Assess supervisory and managerial candidates including their approach to leading others and their understanding of supervision.
  • Examine candidates' personal communication style and their approach to working with others.
  • Are Administered in a personable environment promoting accuracy and confidentiality, and including feedback to the candidate in order to clarify understanding the process or results.

For more information about Employment Testing and to discuss how our services may benefit your company, please contact Ken Harding at (309) 677-2409.