The Office for Transfer Student Assistance seeks to enhance the quality of the transition to university life for incoming transfer students by providing guidance, opportunities to connect to campus resources and with current transfer students through intentional academic, social, and community programming. 

Currently, the Office for Transfer Student Assistance seeks to engage current transfer students by providing intentional leadership opportunities to them that assist in the direction and planning of activities and programs offered.

In order to achieve our mission, the Office for Transfer Student Assistance:

  1. Conducts five transfer student orientation programs throughout the academic year.
  2. Offers new transfer students the opportunity to enroll in a one-credit hour transitional experience course, EHS 120, comprised of only new transfer students.
  3. Created the Transfer Student Advisory Council for the purpose of soliciting input on desired programming and events for the transfer student community on campus.
  4. Offers a myriad of informal programs that are both informational and social.

Learning Objectives

Through participation and involvement through the Office for Transfer Student Assistance, students should be able to:

  1. Locate and utilize campus resources which positively contribute to the student development process.
  2. Increase their awareness of the multitude of educational, social, and philanthropic events at Bradley University throughout the academic year.
  3. Identify transfer peers with whom to establish a meaningful social network.
  4. Integrate successfully into the Bradley University culture.