EHS 120

"When I decided to sign up for EHS 120, I was only looking for a free credit... but from the first
two class sessions I realized that this would be an important source of information regarding
campus life and the Bradley University resources that I have access to."

As a new transfer student, you have a one-time opportunity to enroll in EHS 120, The University Experience course.  This class meets once a week and is co-taught by a faculty member and a transfer student.  This class offers you the opportunity to:

  • Meet and interact with at least 10 – 20 other transfer students
  • Discover the myriad of social and academic opportunities on campus
  • Learn about support and other on campus services that will aid in your successful transition into Bradley University

Please contact the instructor of this course, David Trillizio, for more information or with any questions or concerns you may have at (309) 677-2423