Coronavirus Information:
Bradley University will continue on-campus, in-person classes for the spring 2021 semester with limited restrictions.

Parents' Support

Participation of Bradley University parents in a number of important areas has become increasingly vital to the University's growth and progress in recent years. Involvement in admissions, placement, student activities, and the Parent Projects Fund is becoming traditional and indispensable. 

Funding for Parents’ Association projects and services are derived from 2 main sources. 

  • First, although every Bradley parent is automatically included in Parents’ Association membership, we do ask for a voluntary annual membership fee of $20.
  • Secondly, we also rely on unrestricted gifts to the Parents Projects fund to ensure that all of the important projects chosen for the year will receive adequate funding.  Parents may go online to make their Parents Projects Fund gifts.

2020 Projects Sponsored by the Parents Projects Fund

Cullom-Davis Library - Library Study Snacks

Midnight munchies allows students so take a mini break from the hours of studying for finals. Without these snacks’ students could go hours stuck in the library trying to understand a Chemistry equation. Students expect to have these snacks during finals week it gives them an incentive to keep going, really makes the students feel on top of the academic world.

Orientation Office- Parent/Family Member/ Supporter Tote Bag

During the two- and half-day orientation that students are required to come to, their parent, guardian, or family member who accompany their Bradley Student are presented with a tote bag. A welcoming gift to families from the Bradley community.

Smith Career Center - NetWORK web-based career Management System

The Bradley NetWORK is a web-based career management system resource for students, alumni, and employers. This allows the opportunity to connect with local, regional, and national employers who are seeking applicants for internships and job opportunities.

Bradley University Police Department - Coffee with a Cop

BUPD hosts a program twice a semester where students interact in a casual environment over coffee, donuts, and other refreshments. Coffee with a Cop creates a comforting atmosphere where students and BUPD can trust and produce relationships to last for as long as their Bradley career.

Campus Recreation - Group Fitness

Group Fitness here on campus has brought students of all years and genders together to loosen up and enjoy 40 minutes of stress relief. Roughly around nine instructors teach various classes ranging from yoga to core strength. These classes help alleviate stress and promote a healthy routine.

Campus Recreation - Intramural Sport Champions T-shirts

If a student has decided to join an intramural sport, these sports have been a part of the Bradley community for 25 years. Awarding these students at the end of the league is what makes them come back every year. Making new friends with similar interest is what makes the college experience that more exciting.

Student Involvement - Stop the Bleed Tourniquet Training

Bradley Police Department and 18 Student Affairs Staff Members have the opportunity to save lives on a moments notice. It was a result of the Sandy Hook Shooting, creating more awareness of the possibilities of reality. Those qualified could be the reason our Bradley community never loses a member.

Bradley Univeristy Police Department - Police Department Hilltop Safety Cruiser App

The Safety Cruiser has saved many students from being stranded in an unwanted house, dorm room, or has been a lifeline late at night. Over the years, students have urged the Bradley Police Department to create an app to make the process smoother – requesting a ride or receiving notifications for when they have arrived are the main advantages.

Best Buddies of Bradley Univeristy - Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an organization giving the opportunity to students to develop relationships with individuals living with IDD (intellectual and developmental disabilities). These individuals may find it difficult to attend social events or lack someone to just conversate with. Best Buddies gives college students the chance to make a difference in others lives, through friendships.

Bradley H.E.A.T. - The Hook Up

Bringing to light the importance of knowing how serious hooking up in college could be. 20 members of the HEAT program are going to plan and run the event- promoting healthy exchanges and advice when in college. The discussion pulls back the covers on hooking up, realizing when sexual violence occurs and informing how bystanders can take actions.

Student Access Services - Mentoring Program

Since 2017 this program had be discontinued, but by high demand and popular vote the Mentoring Program to be back in action. The program assists students with disabilities an opportunity to brush up on social skills, reduce isolation and increase inclusion, develop time management and organizational skills while balancing money and budgeting during college.

Lewis J. Burger Center for Leadership & Public Service - Welcome Week Service Project

WWSP Welcome Week Service Project allows new and returning students to get a feel for the Peoria community. This program is an economic impact of $25,000, allowing students to explore passion areas based on different social issues. These services help students realize how their service is positively impacting the local community.