Bradley’s post-graduate certificate in neurocounseling applies emerging understandings of the brain’s structure and function to traditional counseling practice.

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The Bradley Advantage

Bradley’s one-year post-graduate certificate in neurocounseling is one of the first in the U.S. You learn counseling techniques that help the brain reshape the way it functions. Techniques such as biofeedback, regulation and mindfulness are valuable to help people address trauma, substance use, phobias and mood disorders.

Successful Outcomes

The neurocounseling certificate gives you added value in many counseling-focused settings. You will benefit from the training if you’re involved in health or professional school counseling, social work, psychology, pastoral counseling, rehabilitation counseling, psychiatric nursing and other related fields.

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Bradley and Peoria share much in common — a diverse population, world-class research facilities, outstanding fine arts and entertainment, and a great sense of community. This bond provides our students with unique opportunities for internships, class projects and research.

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