Student Organizations Roster

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Game Design Club

President: Kelly Sofian (

The purpose of this club is to compete in various game-making contests, to allow students within Bradley to have an opportunity to make materials for their portfolios. 7/17

Gamma Iota Sigma

President: Jordan Latimer (

The purpose of this organization is to promote, encourage, and sustain student interest in insurance, risk management, and actuarial science as professions; to encourage the high moral and scholastic attainments of its members; and to facilitate the interaction of educational institutions and industry by fostering research activities, scholarship, and improved public relations.9/17

German Club

President: Howard kline (

Increase awareness on campus and in the community of the language and culture of the German people as well as to help students of German grow in their German speaking abilities by providing activities, leadership possibilities and community service opportunities. 3/17

Get Fit Stay Fit

President: Emily Koshevatskiy (

Get Fit Stay Fit is an incentive program developed collaboratively by several Bradley University Departments to challenge the Bradley University Community to become more active and make better nutritional decisions. The following departments have contributed to the development of the program: Bradley Dining Services (ARAMARK), the Wellness Program, Health and Counseling Services, Campus Recreation, the Center for Learning Assistance, the Dietetics Department, the Physical Therapy Department, the Body Project, and Late Night BU. 9/17

Global Business Association

President: Luke Hutchins (

The purpose of the Global Business Association is to promote awareness of doing business at an international level and to guide those who are interested by conducting activities, such as speaker events, seminars, and social gatherings that increase one's professional knowledge of today's global issues. 3/17

Global Medical Training

President: Angela Leontyev (

BU Chapter of GMT shall serve as a conduit between GMT Int'l, the GMT members and the BU Community in general by coordinating annual global mission trips to Ctrl America. To provide training workshops to BU Students that will educate them on diseases and other health information. Raise global awareness, encourage local action & volunteerism in economically disadvantaged communities. 7/17

Golf Club

President: Will McDermith (

It shall be the purpose of the Bradley Gold Club to organize golf outings, tournaments, and available training to all members. 9/17

Gospel Choir

President: Latrice Cook (

Members share their faith as they sing, direct and perform Gospel music and dance. 7/17

Gymnastics Club

President: Ellia Leger (