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Looking to start a new club at Bradley?

New organizations are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Student Activities first, before beginning the registration process to understand all policies and procedures applicable to registered student organizations.

Any new student organization, or re-chartering of an organization which has been inactive for more than 2 years can do so through the Organization Registration form.

New student organizations may form at any time. All new student organizations must have:

  • At least four students enrolled full time
  • Bradley University-employed staff member as an advisor
  • A current constitution and by-laws
    • If the organization is affiliated with a regional or national organization, students shall submit that constitution and by-laws as well. Sample constitutions and by-laws are available here.

Some student organizations require pre-approval including:

  1. Recognition societies, honor societies and academic organizations must have approval from the dean of their college to register.
  2. Club sports must be approved by the Assistant Director of Recreation and Athletic Facilities (Programs).
  3. Communication and media groups, i.e. newspaper, radio station, literary journals, etc., must be approved by the Director of Student Activities.
  4. Fraternities and sororities must be approved by the Assistant Director of Student Activities-Fraternity and Sorority Life