This website is based upon a woman in central Illinois who advanced the standings and interests of women in the United States. Through these mapped lessons, educators will be able to learn, promote, and teach about the materials Betty Friedan created allowing students to learn more about females as movers-and-shakers of the historical world. The feminist movement has come a long way since the beginning of the 1900's. It is time that students become aware of the changes that have happened and will continue to happen in the world around them. Feel free to expand and use these materials as they best suit your classroom environment.

Title: Woman’s Liberation

Credit: Teacher Created Resources, Inc.

This worksheet can be used as supplemental material to a variety of different lessons dealing with the Women’s Liberation Movement. There are suggested Activities that build on Bloom’s Taxonomy of higher order of thinking. You and your students can take this in a variety of different directions.

Title: Betty Friedan and the Feminist Movement

This power point presentation provides a brief overview of the feminist movement of the twentieth century, with a focal point given by the contributions of Betty Friedan. The circle webs are left open to give students the chance to use kinesthetic learning, in addition to visual and audio learning. Feel free to expand on the power point by adding additional information, activities, and any other direction you feel necessary to ensure mastery of skill.

Title: Planning/Day Chart

This chart provides a nice organizational tool so that you can plan out a feminist week in your class! This gives a brief summary of what you can do each day, how you can implement the material, and general ideas. Feel free to add to/take out information as you have limited time in your class. The general idea is to devote time to feminist history, especially Friedan’s contributions.

Title: Featured Lessons

Credit: Justine Blau, published by Chelsea House Publishers

This lesson outline gives a great outline for terms and vocabulary that you can use in your classroom to broaden the words used by your students. Giving them flash cards, matching, word searches, or puzzles with these words can allow them to learn in a more creative manner, which which allows the teacher to use Howard Garner’s Multiple Intelligences more effectively.