A Brother’s Memories

Harry M. Goldstein remembers this about his oldest sister, Betty Friedan: She was brilliant. She threw temper tantrums – threw things at him, on one occasion. She “marched to tunes that others had not yet heard.”

It was not easy growing up in the Goldstein household, Jewish, unconventional and argumentative, certainly not the best match for the prototypical American city of Peoria, IL.  Nor was Harry’s relationship with his sister always warm. However, in the last two decades of her life, their affection for each other grew, and so did his respect and fondness for her.

That is apparent from the newspaper articles and commentaries about and by Betty he collected and saved, and from his own thoughtful reflections on her life. There can be no more fitting Home Town Tribute to Betty Friedan than what her baby brother graciously provides here.