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  • A 1995 book entitled “The Most Influential Women of All Time” (Deborah G. Felder, author) put Betty Friedan in the 29th spot. She was behind Eleanor Roosevelt and Queen Elizabeth I but ahead of Joan of Arc.
  • A 1992 survey of 319 American historians and women’s studies experts said she was the seventh most important American woman of the 20th century. Mrs. Roosevelt led that list, the work of the Siena College Research Institute and the National Women’s Hall of Fame.
  • A 1998 book entitled “The 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written” (Martin Seymour-Smith is the author) includes “The Feminine Mystique.”
  • Upon her death in 2006, the Illinois House of Representatives passed a resolution recognizing Betty Friedan “as a groundbreaker for the cause” of women’s rights. “Women throughout America owe a debt of gratitude to Betty Friedan for her pioneering leadership in the field of women’s rights and her adherence to the radical idea ‘Women are people too’,” the resolution reads.

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