As a national figure, Ms. Friedan was often in headlines.  We have collected many of those snapshots, articles, and videos in time. If you are aware of any pictures, please contribute!  We'll post, giving credit.

Though she was a magazine writer, far more magazine articles have been written about Friedan than by her. When she died in 2006, publications as diverse as Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times published her obituary. So, of course, did the Home Town Girl’s newspaper, The (Peoria) Journal Star, for which her mother once worked.

Books about Betty Friedan

This list of books and articles was compiled by Peter Couri, a Peorian with an abiding interest in local history.

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  1. Breaking Barriers [Jules Archer, 1991]
  2. 1001 People Who Made America [Alan Axelrod, 2007]
  3. Feminist Social Thought [Vidyut Bhagwat, 2004]
  4. Betty Friedan:  Feminist (Woman of Achievement) [Justine Blau, 1990]
  5. Woman's Work: The Story of Betty Friedan [Lisa Bohannon, 2004]
  6. Portraits of American Women [Catherine Clinton, 1991]
  7. The Sisterhood [Maria Cohen, 1988]
  8. American Women Activist's Writings [Kathryn Cullen DuPont, 2002]
  9. Backlash [Susan Faludi, 1991]
  10. Ripples of Hope "The Real Sexual Revolution" [Josh Gottheimer, 2003]
  11. Famous American Women Coloring Book [Gregory Guiteras, 2001]
  12. Betty Friedan: Her Life [Judith Hennessee, 1999]
  13. Betty Friedan: Fighter for Woman's Rights [Sondra Henry, 1990]
  14. Betty Friedan & The Making of the Feminine Mystique [Daniel Horowitz, 1998]
  15. A Feminist Critique [Cassandra Langer, 1996]
  16. Extraordinary Women: Fantasies Revealed [Ilene Leventhal, 2006]
  17. Betty Friedan: A Voice for Women's Rights [Milton Meltzer, 1985]
  18. Betty Friedan: Beyond Gender [Brigid O'Farrell, 1997]
  19. Betty Friedan: The Personal Is Political [Susan Oliver, 2007]
  20. Interviews with Betty Friedan [Janann Sherman, 2002]
  21. "Long Time Gone - Natural Woman [Curt Smith, 2001]
  22. Betty Friedan: Voice for Woman's Rights [Susan Taylor-Boyd, 1990]
  23. Voices of the New Feminism [Mary Lou Thompson, 1970]

Articles & stories


  • Barb Drake speechBarb Drake Q & A, Barb Drake’s Oct. 25, 2015, speech at the Peoria Riverfront Museum fills the Giant Screen Theater
  • WCBU "It Changed Us", edited rebroadcast of the 50th Anniversary of The Feminine Mystique Event, originally aired by WCBU on 2-23-13.  Special thanks to WCBU and WCBU News Director, Tanya Koonce, for her efforts in providing this recording.