Convergence in Action

Want to Build Better Communication Skills? This Alum Has Some Helpful Tips

Speech team alum helps STEM professionals tap into their public speaking abilities.

Mechanical engineering major balances STEM with the creative arts

Graduating senior Nickolas Payne finishes his degree while pursuing creative writing and a love of studio art.

Blending Academic Backgrounds Bolsters Research

TMJ project opens doors to physical therapy careers for students with engineering and sociology backgrounds.

Allison Walsh Believes in the Power of Storytelling

Filmmaker aims to document the often-untold everyday stories that are all around us.

New Grad Elects to Make Voting Easier

App aims to drive turnout by putting key information in the palm of your hand

Linking up with supply chains

Parental advice pays dividends as industrial engineering studies lead to job.

Practicing the Art of Science

With pencil and scalpel in hand, Johnson takes an artistic path to medical school.

A Man and His Machines

A lifelong innovator, Steve Pierz MBA ’94 brings his engineering and business savvy to build a bricklaying robot Down Under.

Developing Big Ideas

The big ideas that change the world can come from anywhere and anybody. Even a failed project can lead to a revolutionary idea.

Convergence in the Community

Convergence projects like the Bradley Fellows Program teach leadership skills and civic responsibility.

Gauging views on patient safety

Economics faculty teamed with researchers from Peoria's JUMP Simulation Center to learn perceptions of the efficacy of medical simulations.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Convergence Conference

In November, the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Convergence Conference brought players in the greater Peoria area together to focus on crossing boundaries, improving collaboration, increasing economic growth and working together to enhance student education.

Helping healers through innovative collaboration

Nursing students work with engineering students to design medical equipment that meets the needs of the patient and the manufacturing process.

Where science meets the speed of a computer chip

Convergence meets manufacturing as Bradley students research the science behind making faster, sleeker microchips.