Coronavirus Information:
Bradley University will continue on-campus, in-person classes for the spring 2021 semester with limited restrictions.

Classroom Considerations

As an institution, we have looked for creative ways in which we can continue our emphasis and quality of in-person learning while respecting the health of all involved. All university classrooms have been set up to meet physical-distance guidelines. Physical distancing should be practiced in combination with other everyday preventive actions to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including wearing masks, avoiding facial touching with unwashed hands and frequently washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Disinfectant wipes and sprays are provided for classrooms and departmental spaces. Individuals should wipe down commonly used surfaces and shared equipment like desks, tables, chairs, audio/video equipment, etc., before each use. To learn more about the health precautions Bradley is practicing at this time, visit our Health and Wellbeing section

While in-person learning is a priority for the spring 2021 semester, we have also prepared for online learning. Some of the contributing factors that led to this decision are as follows:

1. Our Classroom Capacities

In preparation for in-person classes, all classrooms have been assigned a COVID-19 capacity number, based on the number of people who can safely occupy a room according to CDC and State of Illinois guidelines. To help cope with the increased demand of space this semester, large meeting rooms on campus have shifted priority to housing classroom space (ex. Ballrooms, Markin Center, Hartman Theatre, Dingledine, etc.). Even with this adaptation, there is still a possibility some classes will need to meet online.

2. Our Need for Flexibility

Remote teaching and learning are needed any time an instructor or student is required to isolate or quarantine.

Additionally, instructors and students who wished to teach/take all their courses online were given the opportunity to do so by submitting a request.

If a student was accepted for remote learning, they agreed to the following: all tuition and fees will remain the same; all grades received will be letter grades (unless the course is already delivered as a pass/fail course); their request is for the entire spring 2021 semester and virtual learning may change their financial aid. Instructors, deans and advisors will be notified when a student opts to move to 100% online learning; however, students should feel free to let their instructors know directly.

3. Our University Threshold

Bradley has identified considerations regarding our threshold for pivoting to 100% online learning during the spring 2021 semester. Our decisions continue to be guided by doing what is in the best interest and wellbeing of our community based on science and input from health care professionals. Learn more.

If we must move to 100% online learning as an institution at any time, we will not refund any tuition.