Coronavirus Information:
Bradley University will continue on-campus, in-person classes for the spring 2021 semester with limited restrictions.

Suggested Syllabus Language On Health and Class Attendance For Spring 2021

Consider adding university Coronavirus Planning information to your course syllabi.

  • Please help students understand their role is crucial in protecting the health of others and preserving the opportunity to continue learning on campus.
  • Please encourage them to self-monitor their health and not go to class if they have any reason to believe they are sick.

Class Attendance

While the faculty believe class attendance is essential for success, we also advocate for the health of our community. We ask faculty and students to be aware of COVID-19 symptoms and assess their health before coming to class. Students, please contact your faculty member if you are unable to come to class and collaborate with them to make up course content, assignments and examinations.


Public health practices, including handwashing, physical distancing, disinfecting of spaces and assessment of symptoms, are crucial. All students and faculty are required to wear face coverings in class. The only time employees don't have to wear a face covering is when alone in their office. The only time students don't have to wear a mask is when in their sleeping room. Anyone not wearing a face covering when they are supposed to may be asked to leave the classroom. Anyone forgetting a face covering may be asked to return to their housing to obtain a face covering for class attendance. Repeated violation of this university policy is a violation of Bradley’s Student Standards of Conduct and may be reported to the executive director of residential living and student conduct. Repeated faculty violations of the face covering policy may be reported to the dean of the college. To review the official face covering policy click here.

Academic Integrity

Classes in spring 2021 are being offered in a variety of delivery methods. Students must follow the Conduct and University Policies in the Bradley University Student Handbook on Cheating and Plagiarism in all classes regardless of the course delivery method. Cheating is officially defined as “giving or attempting to give, obtaining or attempting to obtain, information relative to an examination or other work that the student is expected to do alone and not in collaboration with others”... Violations of this policy must be reported to Bradley’s executive director of residential living and student conduct.

Assigned Seating

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Bradley is asking students to sit in assigned seats while in class. Assigned seating is helpful for tracing close contacts in case an individual in class tests positive for the disease. The purpose of this request is for the safety of all. In addition, the faculty member will dismiss class according to seating arrangements in order to maintain physical distancing for all students.

Students and faculty members are asked to cleanse their classroom work area/desk before class.

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