Coronavirus Information:
Bradley University will continue on-campus, in-person classes for the spring 2021 semester with limited restrictions.

Preparing to Teach and Learn

In preparation for teaching and learning during the spring 2021 semester, we ask instructors and students to review the following.

Assigned Rooms

To assign appropriate spaces for every class, faculty, chairs and deans have worked together and considered factors such as class size, hybrid course capabilities, technology needs, etc.

Instructors - Some of the technology needed for a quality educational experience during this time is new and unfamiliar to some. Accordingly, you can review this step-by-step process for assistance when developing your online/hybrid courses. Before making any decisions, we ask that you review the rest of this page.


Instructors - If a class doesn’t fit in an assigned classroom, you should consider a number of options. One option is for a portion of your students to meet in person one day while others work remotely; these groups should reverse the next time your class is held. You could also opt to break up longer, two to three-hour, class periods into mini periods. Regardless of what format you chose for your courses, expectations for students should be made clear in your syllabi and discussed with them during the first day of your courses.

Students - As instructors make decisions about their classes, you’ll start to see shifts in their schedules within Webster. (If a course is listed as ONL under the building location, the class is exclusively online for the semester. If there is also a time designation (i.e., 2:00-3:15), the class meets online during the designated time. If the course is listed as ONL and ARR, then further information should come directly from the instructors.)

Experiential Teaching/Learning Activities

Lab Spaces - In some teaching/learning instances, where space is limited or when physical interaction is required for instruction (e.g. demonstration), additional personal protective equipment may be required. Faculty members with courses in lab spaces should provide written guidelines for attendance and expectations in labs and research spaces at the beginning of the semester.

Clinicals, Internships and Student Teaching - As long as a site is still operating, and as long as a student has permission from their dean, they should report to their clinicals, internship and/or student teaching as assigned. Students are required to meet the COVID-19 guidelines for their assigned agencies. Faculty members with clinical/internship classes and placements are required to submit a roster of students and assigned agencies to Student Affairs for the purpose of tracking and contact tracing if needed. Faculty members also should establish guidelines for attendance.

Study Abroad - Semester Study Abroad programs are canceled at this time.

Proctored Exam Center

A proctored exam center in the Michel Student Center ballroom has been established for instructors to have another option that helps promote and improve academic integrity for classes not meeting in one session. Proctored exams take place Saturdays, anytime between 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. After making a reservation, instructors should add any course schedule alterations to their course syllabi and discuss it with their students. Instructors should understand students may not be able to attend during these added times and should be reasonable with alternate arrangements.

Meetings and Group Work Policies

Instructors - All faculty and committee meetings, employee orientations, training, office hours, academic advising, etc. should be held virtually whenever possible. If meetings must be in-person, you should limit them to only a few participants. Appropriate physical distancing and wearing masks is required.

Students - Students aren’t allowed to gather in person with other students for group projects or group meetings at this time. Instead, you can leverage Google Meet, Bongo, Zoom or another tool designed for virtual collaboration.

Guest Speaker Policy

Bradley created a guest/visitor policy for this semester.

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