Coronavirus Information:
Bradley University will continue on-campus, in-person classes for the spring 2021 semester with limited restrictions.

COVID-19 Supply Champions

Bradley has assigned a COVID-19 supply champion for each building/department on campus. This point person is responsible for storage, access to, and replenishment of PPE and COVID-19-related supplies for that office environment. For instance, if an employee forgets their cloth face covering, the COVID-19 champion for their unit can provide a disposable mask to wear for the day. Supervisors should determine their office’s needs and relay them to the COVID-19 champion, who will place the order.

Faculty and staff: Please learn the name of your respective COVID-19 champion and report to that person for PPE or COVID-19-related supplies. Unless otherwise noted, some individuals will handle requests for all units within a building (e.g., Pat Campbell is the point person for all departments and offices in Bradley Hall and Olin Hall).

  • Admissions: Justin Ball
  • Aramark: Crystal Wirtjes
  • BECC: Heather McCord
    • Business Department: Heather McCord
    • Engineering Department: Austen Meeks
  • Bradley Hall: Pat Campbell
  • BUPD: Jocelyn Watkins
  • Burgess: Cara Burritt
  • Comstock: Jim Crone
  • Constance: Martha Schmitt
  • Dingeldine: Martha Schmitt
  • Garrett Center: Norris Chase
  • GCC: Martha Schmitt
    • CFA Dean's Office: Martha Schmitt
    • Communications: Jamie Glenzinski
    • Interactive Media: Lorena Chica
  • Hartmann Center for the Arts: Martha Schmitt
  • HCAC: Amie Love
  • Heuser: Martha Schmitt
  • Library: Todd Spires
  • Markin: Matt Panich
    • Campus Rec: Matt Panich
    • Counseling: Debra Montgomery-Coon
  • Michel Student Center: Courtney Johnson
    • Event Services: Courtney Johnson
    • Student Activities: Cara Wood
  • Morgan Hall: Barb Kerns
  • Olin Hall: Pat Campbell
  • Orientation: Anne Hollis
  • Renaissance Coliseum: Bobby Parker
  • Sisson: Tina Welsh
    • Advancement/Controllers: Alison Morrissey
    • Human Resources: Crystal Elliott
    • Student Affairs: Tina Welsh
  • Swords: Tracy Zuercher
    • President: Fran Cox
    • Provost: Tracy Zuercher
    • CFO: Fran Cox
    • Advancement: Jenn Domaszewicz
    • Controller's Office: Dennis Koch
    • Financial Aid: Deb Jackson
    • Institutional Effectiveness: Jenny Gruening Burge
    • Registrar: Andy Kindler
  • Westlake: Cara Burritt