Supervisor Information

Self-Report Form

All Bradley employees are required to complete this self-report form if they test positive for COVID-19 or if they are required to quarantine due to suspected or known exposure to COVID-19.

  • Please inform HR immediately if an employee notifies you of a positive COVID-19 test or quarantine due to close contact, and instruct the employee to complete the self-report form.
  • Encourage remote work, if job duties allow, especially during employee quarantine due to close contact.
  • Bradley Health Services will work with sick or quarantined individuals to determine their expected return date. Using this guidance, employees are required to notify supervisors how long they will be absent from work.

COVID-19 Supplies

Supplies related to COVID-19 are ordered and distributed through Facilities Management. Please determine your office’s needs and relay them to the COVID-19 supply champion for your building/department, who will place the order with Facilities.