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We Persevere Together (sent to Alumni and Friends on 03/26/2020)

Lydia Moss Bradley is more than our founder, she is our inspiration. When times are hard, every Bradley Brave can look to her as an example of endurance and achievement. 

The situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. We are especially thinking of our alumni and friends. Worrying about the health of people we love, not to mention social-distancing and business closings, has affected each and every one of us. 

As a campus, we are working hard to ensure the safety and security of all of our students, staff and faculty. Messages of support from all of you remind us of how much compassion and caring exists in our community. Together we will meet the unprecedented challenges that our students in particular are facing along with their families.

Many of you have asked to know more about what these young women and men are going through and how you can personally help. 

You can strengthen your Bradley family.

  • Connect with social media. Follow the University and related groups (alumni, athletics, student organizations, etc.) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Being connected is more important than ever.
  • Share your stories. If you know of a Brave who’s making a difference, let us know so we can celebrate people making things better. 

As we prepare to move all of our courses online, we know there will be an impact at Bradley beyond the classroom. A lot of students still rely on campus resources for physical and mental health services. Some are grappling with sudden unemployment, food insecurity and managing living expenses. 

You can support students who are facing new and unexpected challenges. Use the pull-down menu at the bottom of the online giving page to select any of these three areas.

  • The Bradley Fund has the biggest overall and most immediate impact on campus and students. 
  • Lydia's Promise provides emergency financial assistance for essential expenses. 
  • The General Scholarship Fund helps cover tuition for those with demonstrated need from any college at the University. These funds can make the difference for someone who has a parent experiencing unemployment, for example. 

Lydia Moss Bradley survived tough times again and again during her long life. She is a terrific role model for us as an institution and as people who know and love this place. We are all a part of her largest legacy. We’re proud of the Bradley family, for all you do and all you bring to the world.

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