Coronavirus Information:
Bradley has returned to pre-all-student quarantine teaching styles, but many of the restrictions from the all-student quarantine remain. More Info »

Message from the Provost (sent to Faculty and Staff on 04/03/2020)

The Student Engagement Team — a group of faculty and staff representing each undergraduate college and key student support units — has developed a comprehensive outreach and support plan to coordinate student success and retention efforts. Navigate will serve as the hub for all communication. In addition, a portal that centralizes the information about each of these items is available and will be revised as necessary throughout the remainder of the semester.

Our Spring 2020 Outreach & Response Plan is articulated here. Key elements include:

  1. Two Progress Report requests for all classes: one at the conclusion of the first week back, the second 1-2 weeks before the revised drop date (study day). These reports request very specific information and will require no more than 5 minutes per class to submit. These Progress Reports are designed to minimize the need for you to submit individual student Alerts.
  2. Revised Alerts are available should you need to provide information beyond the scope of the Progress Reports. These Alerts are designed to be actionable to support students in a timely manner in response to the new challenges we anticipate in our transition to online learning. If you receive a notice that one of your students has had an Alert submitted by another instructor, there is no need for you to take action of any type, including submitting the same Alert for the same student in your course. This is simply to inform you that the same concern has already been reported.
  3. Outreach to students based on midterm grades that are already submitted through AcInquire. No academic Alerts should need to be issued during this time.
  4. Additional staff members are being prepared to support students and faculty through pre-advising preparation and course registration assistance. Students will be invited to schedule an appointment with one of these staff to help prepare for their academic advising appointment and serve as an additional point of contact to troubleshoot common issues.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of all Bradley students.

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