Coronavirus Information:
Bradley has returned to pre-all-student quarantine teaching styles, but many of the restrictions from the all-student quarantine remain. More Info »

Quarantine and Isolation

What is the difference between Quarantine and Isolation?

Students in quarantine may quarantine at home or in their current residence. They are in quarantine because they have been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or because they have symptoms associated with the disease and are waiting for the results. Students in isolation are encouraged to return to their home address or they may move to a separate residence to isolate. They are in isolation because they received a positive test result for COVID-19. More information about the expectations of quarantine and isolation can be found here.

If I was tested because I have symptoms or am considered a close contact, do I need to quarantine while waiting for results?

Yes, if you were tested due to specific circumstances or symptoms, you should isolate in your room while you wait for results.

If I was selected for surveillance testing, do I need to quarantine while waiting for results?

No, if you were selected for surveillance testing, you do not need to change any of your daily activities while waiting for results.

What if someone on my residence hall floor tests positive?

Residents will be notified if a student on their floor has tested positive; the floor will also need to follow self-quarantine procedures. While following privacy and confidentiality guidelines, Health Services will communicate necessary information to residents so they are aware of any concerns, next steps and resources available.

If another resident tests positive during quarantine, does the 14 days of quarantine reset?

This will be case by case. The 14 days of quarantine are not likely to reset if another resident tests positive during quarantine. If a large number of residents test positive, Health Services may revisit the timeline, but it is not an automatic re-start.

How do we get meals if we are isolated or quarantined?

Dining services will deliver 1 hot and 2 cold meals to you once a day at approximately 11:30 a.m. (subject to change). You will receive further details regarding the location and time of this delivery.

How are meals charged to student accounts?

Meal plans will be charged 14 meals per week for the 21 meals they receive. If they do not have meals, dining dollars will be charged for the difference (5 meals in dining dollars, if they have 9 meals per week)

What stipulates an Emergency to leave the floor?

You may move about for necessity (i.e. grocery shopping), but be considerate of limiting trips.

Can I order food or groceries to be delivered?

Food and/or groceries may be ordered for delivery, but must be left outside your building/door.

Who should students or Staff report quarantine noncompliance to?

Ryan Bair at

Can residents get tested for free?

If they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been identified as a close contact (not just a contact. Close contact=15 plus minutes of talking within six feet). All students on the floor in quarantine are eligible for free testing at Health Services, encourage them to contact Health services for testing options.

What if I have visitors while in isolation or quarantine?

We understand that quarantine/isolation can be lonely. However, it is important that we limit interaction. Students in quarantine or isolation who have visitors are subject to disciplinary action.

Is it okay to do laundry while I’m in isolation or quarantine?

You should not do laundry if you are using a shared laundry facility (i.e. residence hall, St. James laundry rooms). If you are in the Bradley designated isolation housing, it is okay to use its facility to do laundry.

What if I decide to go home to conclude my time in quarantine or isolation?

It is absolutely okay to return home during time in quarantine (14 days) or isolation (10 days). If you live in the residence halls and are in quarantine, please share this with your resident advisor and with before leaving campus. (If you live anywhere other than the residence halls, you do not need to let anyone else know of your return to home during quarantine.)

If you are in isolation, please share this with your contact in Health Services before leaving campus.

Isolation specific (positive test result) FAQs:

After receiving the phone call that I have COVID-19 and need to isolate, how long do I have before moving to my new residence?

Students are encouraged to move quickly and to make as few trips to their mode of transportation as possible. If students are waiting for someone from home to pick them up, it is okay to remain in their residence for the day. We ask you to move about as infrequently as possible and wipe down any surfaces if leaving your room (e.g. you may need to leave your room to use the restroom).

If I plan to isolate on campus, how do I get there?

If you have a car on campus and a parking permit, there will be instructions on how to notify Parking once you arrive and settle into the apartment. When discussing your positive test result with someone from Health Services, please share if you do not have a car or do not wish to carry your items to the isolation space. They will arrange for someone to move your materials to the isolation space. If you are not feeling well or the weather is not favorable, you may be offered a ride.

What will be in my apartment?

Apartments are furnished with basic furniture and all major kitchen appliances. Each bedroom will come with a full size bed, and a fitted sheet will be provided. Other items will include waste baskets and liners, hand and dish soaps, toilet paper and paper towels, and a shower curtain.

What do I need to take to my isolation room?

You should pack everything you will need to live for 10 days. Think about your furnishings (bedding, bath towels, etc.), your personal belongings (clothes, shower supplies, toiletries), your academic materials (computer, books) and things for your comfort (a water cup, snacks, activities of interest). You can find a complete list here.

Will someone check on me while in isolation?

Someone from Health Services and someone from Academics will virtually check in at various times. You will have a point person from Health Services should you have any questions related to your health or isolation. If you have questions related to academics, you are encouraged to contact your relevant faculty or your advisor.

What if I would like a package to be delivered?

We ask you to limit packages and mail coming to you during your time in isolation. If it is something you absolutely need and you live in the residence halls, please contact housing ( to arrange delivery. Packages will be delivered along with meals around 11:30.

When can someone be released from isolation?

We will follow the CDC's recommendations regarding a release from isolation:

  • Isolation and precautions may be discontinued 10 days after symptom onset as long as the patient has no fever for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medications, and with improvement of other symptoms.
    • A limited number of people with severe illness may continue symptoms beyond 10 days that may warrant extending duration of isolation for up to 20 days after symptom onset.
  • For those who never develop symptoms, isolation and other precautions can be discontinued 10 days after the date of their first positive test.