COVID-19 Safety Plan

Safety Coordinator for Event

Safety Plan

Please note, questions as prompts, but all items may not apply to your event.

Physical Distancing:

Please provide a detailed description of how physical distancing will be maintained during the event. Describe seating arrangements, registration table(s), traffic flow of event, entrances and exits, lines, etc. Diagrams may be helpful to explain.


Please provide a detailed description of the cleaning/sanitation procedures the sponsor will follow during the event. Who is responsible for cleaning, how often and what equipment items will be included? Also describe any extra PPE (masks, gloves) that will be provided by the host organization and hand sanitizer stations.

Communication and Signage:

Please provide information on how COVID-19 safety guidelines will be distributed to attendees and any signage that will be used at the event to provide guidance to attendees.

Staffing Plan:

Please describe your staffing plan for the event. What duties will your sponsor perform? What is your volunteer plan?


Please describe how you will register attendees (if you are taking registrations) and how you plan to track attendance at the event. Attendance tracking is required.

Please note any invited non-Bradley guests must be pre-registered through the Invited Guest Form.


If you plan to have food or beverages consumed at your event, please provide a copy of your menu from Dining Services or your shopping list with links to items. Currently, food from external vendors is not permitted. Contact Dining Services for information about catering. Please note, when consuming food or beverages, a person’s mask is off and they must remain stationary.


Please describe if your event will include any giveaway items, including but not limited to anything an attendee may receive by attending your event (flyers, stickers, shirts or other merchandise).

Non-Compliance plan:

How will you handle possible issues of non-compliance at your event? What measures will you enact to hold attendees accountable?