Spring Semester No Homework Days

Dear Students,

There have been many difficult decisions this year, among them is canceling our traditional spring break. Since this decision, many of you have made your voices heard — you need some sort of break during the semester to recharge and reset. We appreciate your understanding of the reasons behind the cancellation due to the COVID-19 risks a spring break period may bring to campus. To this end, we are implementing two days during the spring semester where there will be no homework, tests, quizzes, papers, or projects due for undergraduate students. These dates are Tuesday, March 2, and Wednesday, April 7. Classes will still be held and your active learning will still occur on these days, but there won’t be any assignments due.

We have heard you and learned from your fall semester experience. Additionally, a group of students will be speaking with faculty at the spring forum regarding their experiences this fall.

We believe these breathers will provide a needed respite for you during the spring semester. We want to do what we can to help you succeed and are continuing to listen and look at additional ways we can help you do so.

Also as you prepare for the spring semester, the Bradley Bookstore is again offering free UPS ground shipping for orders of $49 or more on the bookstore website. Ordering books early with shipping as the method of delivery will help maintain smaller crowds and aid in physical distancing during this typically busy period.

For the easiest experience ordering your textbooks from the Bradley Bookstore:

1) Log into MyBU (www.mybu.bradley.edu)

2) Under “My Info” click on “My Class Schedule”

3) Select the appropriate term

4) Click on the button at the bottom of your schedule that says

“Order Textbooks Online From Bradley Bookstore”


Walter R. Zakahi, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs