IMPORTANT: Fall 2020 Options for F-1 Students

Dear F-1 students,

We hope you are safe and well. We ask that you confirm your current location and your expected plan for Fall 2020 in regards to enrollment and location. Please email this information to us as soon as possible. You can find your options below. If you wish to discuss these options in relation to your specific case, we are happy to do so through a phone call, Google Meet, or Zoom.

Option 1: Enroll full-time to attend courses on Bradley’s campus

  1. If you are entering the U.S. to continue your enrollment, you will need to arrive at least 14 days before classes begin in order to follow quarantine procedures. This can be done in Peoria or in another U.S. location. If you will live on-campus in Fall 2020, Bradley will assist you with a quarantine location.
  2. Once you know your date of entry, email us and we will give you a personalized letter to have with you at the border.
  3. You will need to enroll full-time for fall 2020 or be enrolled for an approved reduced course load.
  4. Avoid enrolling in only online courses. You should not apply to have your current courses be offered solely online or you will lose your F-1 status.

Option 2: Enroll full-time to complete courses online from outside the U.S.

  1. If you choose to remain in your home country for health or safety reasons or if you are unable to return to the U.S. due to travel restrictions, please let us know. By emailing our office with your decision, we are able to have you added to the all-online student list.
  2. You will need to enroll full-time for fall 2020 or be enrolled in an approved reduced course load.
  3. Work with your academic advisor and instructors to understand expectations of attendance and assignments from your home country. Be sure you have access to the technology you need to successfully complete your courses. You may wish to contact the Service Desk for any questions or concerns.
  4. At this time, your SEVIS record will remain active. July 24 FAQs from SEVP state “students who will be continuing their studies outside the United States should have the following comment in the remarks field: ‘Outside the United States due to COVID-19.’” Our office will not terminate your record unless specifically directed to do so by SEVP.

Option 3: Enroll part-time or take a leave of absence from outside the U.S.

  1. If you choose to enroll part-time to complete online courses or not at all and you are not present in the United States, please email your plans to our office. If you choose not to enroll at all, we will work with Student Affairs to have you approved for a leave of absence from Bradley.
  2. Your SEVIS record will be terminated for Authorized Early Withdrawal. See our Leave of Absence webpage for more information on what this means for your F-1 status.
  3. When you make the decision to return to Bradley’s campus, we will request reactivation of your SEVIS record. If approved, you will be able to enter with your active I-20 and valid visa. If denied, you will be required to receive a new SEVIS record and I-20 and repay the SEVIS I-901. In addition, if denied and you have less than one academic year to complete, you will no longer be eligible to apply for post-completion OPT.

Office of International Student and Scholar Services

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