St. James and SAC Residents Housing Update

Based on the previous message sent earlier today from President Roberts, we strongly recommend you move out of your apartment between March 19 and March 23 and return to your permanent residence. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly evolving making this decision necessary with very little advance notice.

If you plan to stay in your apartment, you must complete the registration process at by 1p.m. Friday, March 20. If you have previously registered to stay in your apartment and plan to stay, you do not need to register again.

If you previously registered to stay on campus but have changed your plans, please utilize the Move-Out Process (detailed below).

Please note: Regardless of when you completely move out of your apartment, it must be in accordance with the end date on your lease agreement (for most St James and SAC residents the date is May 17).

If you are staying on campus and have interest in dining to-go options within Williams Hall, Dining Services will reach out directly to all residents who are registered with more information. Please see our FAQs for details.

Move-Out Process

  1. Safety: We are asking students and their helpers / families to practice social distancing guidance as recommended by the CDC during this process. Your health and safety continue to be our first priority. 
  2. For St. James Residents: Once your apartment is cleared, please place your key in an envelope, write your name and room number on the outside of the envelope and put the envelope in the designated slot outside the St. James Apartments Office Door (on Main Street).
  3. For SAC Residents: Once your apartment is cleared, please place your key in an envelope, write your name and room number on the outside of the envelope and put the envelope in the outgoing mail slot by the mailboxes.

Adjustments for Leases

As noted earlier today by President Roberts, Bradley University will take steps to make adjustments for  students regarding housing. More information about this will be provided to students via their Bradley University email address.

To Prepare Your Apartment For Move-Out, Please Complete The Following Checklist

  • Remove all belongings
  • Empty wardrobes/dressers/desks
  • Remove posters/pictures from walls
  • Shut and lock windows
  • Blinds: if you live on the ground or first floor - put blinds down
  • Blinds: if you live on any other floor - put blinds up
  • Empty all waste baskets
  • Empty refrigerator
  • Take all trash to outside dumpster
  • Turn off lights
  • Lock door
  • Place room key in check-out envelope
  • Seal and write name and room number on outside of envelope
  • Put the envelope into the designated slot outside St. James Apartments Door (on Main Street)

Considerations for Your Move

  1. In accordance with recommendations from the CDC and the concern for the safety of all students and visitors, we encourage residents to limit the number of people they bring with them to campus to assist in the move-out process.
  2. Please go to the USPS website for mail forwarding options or visit our FAQs.
  3. Don't forget to bring extra boxes, tape and packing supplies. 

This was a difficult, but important, decision made to protect the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff during this unprecedented time. We are saddened to see you leave prior to the end of the semester, but look forward to seeing those of you returning to campus in the fall. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you have questions regarding St. James, please email or call (309) 677-2100.

If you have questions regarding SAC, please email or call (309) 677-1111.

Bear in mind, all of these terms and requests are subject to change. Please keep a close watch on your email as we continue to communicate with you any important decisions. Communication and other information related to Bradley and COVID-19 can be found at

We will truly miss you!

Some media in Bradley University's current print, video and online materials was acquired before the COVID-19 pandemic. Media acquired after the pandemic began was done so in compliance with Bradley's COVID-19 safety protocols at the time. The ongoing safety of our faculty, staff and students is of the utmost concern during these unprecedented times.