Interfraternity Council COVID-19 Statement

Fraternity men,

In the coming weeks, we have the opportunity to set the standard for collegiate Greek communities. Many universities already in session have been forced to move to a virtual learning environment due to the irresponsible actions of their students. Specifically, the members of fraternities have been under extreme scrutiny and blame for the rapid spread of COVID-19 on college campuses.

This time of year is vital to our fraternities: recruitment is an integral part of our survival on campus. We have already received several reports and complaints about fraternity behavior. We, as a community, will not be able to successfully recruit if this behavior and attitude persists. Normally, our chapters have a healthy competitive relationship. However, now is the time to put all differences aside and focus on the task at hand - maintaining an in-person collegiate experience for us and our potential new members.

Our behavior must improve, or we will not have recruitment. This is the bottom line. Recognize this fact, or prepare to face extreme repercussions from the University, media, and general public. You must prioritize the future of your chapters over yourselves; recruitment over social events. Stop hosting social events, wear your masks, physical distance, sanitize, and we can win this battle.

Chapter officers, you are entrusted with the responsibility of leading and controlling your brothers. We understand that your jobs are not easy; however, this is not an excuse for complacency, particularly when it comes to the spread of a virus. We acknowledge that many of you receiving this email are most likely not directly involved with the irresponsible actions of your membership. This, unfortunately, does not exclude you from the responsibility of the consequences from those actions. Those consequences do not stop at the door of an off-campus party; rather, they extend to the families, loved ones, and communities of those affected by dangerous behavior.

We are here to assist you in any way possible. Please use the IFC Executive Officers as resources during this time. Our only duty is to serve our member chapters, we value your contributions and cooperation.


Executive Board of the Interfraternity Council of Bradley University,

Charles Perez-Suarez, Robert White, Carson Potts, Blake Durbin, Derek Warnstedt, Ryan Earp, Nick Paskvan, Nate Rosendale, Aaron Coulombe, Andrew Banda Frey, Russell McCormic