Halt Spending, Hiring and Traveling Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has resulted in unanticipated disruptions to normal business operations on campus. Such business disruptions have been minor thus far, but the university is taking action to prevent any unintended consequences that could result from prolonged disruptions. 

We know these changes are difficult and may cause disruptions to your usual work, but these measures are essential.  We ask you to please be flexible and know each of our decisions are being made with the best interest of the Bradley Family and the university in mind.

As previously noted, all university related travel—both domestic and international—is suspended until further notice. This also includes suspension of all travel approved prior to today’s date.

The University is suspending all travel card purchases and extremely limiting procurement card purchases.  Any use of a university travel card will automatically be declined until further notice. Procurement card usage will be limited to select employees and only for those items deemed truly essential for university operations. Those individuals will be notified shortly.  All other procurement card activity will automatically be declined until further notice. All university procurement should be handled through the university purchase order process which requires advance approval. 

We recognize some of you may have subscriptions with auto-renewals or other services with automatic payments. In those instances, be sure to let your supervisor know which card the auto-renewal is connected to and we will evaluate them.  Supervisors should email dms@fsmail.bradley.edu and jhughes2@fsmail.bradley.edu to share that information. 

Hiring for open positions is also on hold for the time being.  There are several important positions that need to be filled, but given the severity of the situation at hand, the administration will be reevaluating those positions on a case-by-case basis. 

Remember, everything is fluid, and situations are evolving, so all policies and procedures are subject to change. Be sure to visit https://www.bradley.edu/coronavirus/ regularly for updates on COVID-19 and general campus communications.