COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Dear Bradley Community,

Many of you have asked about COVID-19 vaccinations. Bradley University Health Services does not have vaccines available on campus, but is working closely with the Peoria City/County Health Department on behalf of the entire campus community.

As we have seen throughout the pandemic, things are changing regularly and at a rapid pace. At this time, COVID-19 vaccines are being allocated in a tiered approach. Illinois is currently in tier 1A, which includes health care workers and those associated with long-term care facilities. Representatives for all health care workers associated with Bradley University, including clinical nursing and physical therapy students, have been contacted in regard to their eligibility.

Governor Pritzker anticipates moving the entire state to tier 1B Jan. 25. Peoria County anticipates moving to tier 1B this week. This tier includes people age 65 and over, first responders and other essential workers (as defined by the State of Illinois). This is approximately 3.2 million Illinois residents. Due to the limited supply of vaccines, it’s anticipated not everyone in tier 1B will be eligible initially. The primary focus in tier 1B will be those 65 and older who have pre-existing conditions that may impact their ability to combat a COVID-19 infection. More information is expected to be released in the coming week(s). To see the full list of vaccine tiers and other pertinent information, please visit

It’s our understanding faculty in higher education are NOT included in tier 1B. If that changes and members of the Bradley community become eligible for available vaccines, we will notify you, if appropriate.

We understand most everyone is anxious to get vaccinated. However, we must emphasize the need for patience as we work with the health department regarding vaccination distribution. The Peoria City/County Health Department has asked individuals not to contact them directly regarding vaccinations. They are working with Bradley University Health Services and will notify us when vaccines are available for eligible Bradley community members.