Move-in Appointment Reminder

Please be vigilant over the next few days before your arrival. Do not attend large gatherings. Whenever you must be in public, maintain physical distance and wear your face covering. If you feel ill or exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms, please do not return immediately to campus. Contact Bradley Health Services, they will arrange your first week(s) of classes to be remote, and we will hold your residence hall or SAC apartment assignment for you.

ARRIVE AT THE DATE AND TIME YOU SIGNED UP FOR. This appointment indicates your arrival time, not the amount of time you have to move-in. Please be efficient in your move-in and follow these guidelines:

  2. Follow designated campus entrance route (see attached map)
  3. Only the resident should enter the building to pay $20 activity fee and pick up their key
  4. Follow all directional signage to enter and exit each building
  5. Resident and move-in helpers (you are allowed a maximum of 3 helpers) move ALL items into the building before setting up
  6. Move-in helpers (no more than 3) may help with room set-up
  7. If you leave campus for errands, items, or meals with family, after you have completed your move-in, please have visitors remain outside the hall to say goodbye.

For those traveling into Peoria from the east, the I-74 bridge over the Illinois River is closed through October 31, 2020. Please watch for signage and alternative routes to campus. You can find more details here: and maps can be found here. Travel safely.


-Pack for a quick and efficient move-in
-Plan to move your own belongings and minimize elevator use
-Bring $20 in cash or check (made payable to RHA) for your Residence Hall Association Activity fee
-Bring your own cloth face covering and one for any move-in helpers (maximum of 3 helpers allowed)
-Bring cleaning supplies, personal thermometer and additional face coverings
-Bring any items that might assist in your protection and anything you might need to help you to move your larger items


If you do not have a student ID card, please move your belongings in and then go to the designated tent to pick up your ID. All students need to bring a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport) to claim your Bradley student ID. To obtain your student ID, all incoming students must submit a photo before your arrival. This will ensure a smoother check-in. Please review the requirements and send a photo through If you are having trouble, please submit your concern to


  • Face coverings are required in the residence halls or SAC apartments at all times
  • Residence hall bathrooms on the floor are for residents of that floor ONLY, family members and other helpers should utilize designated bathrooms in the lobby.
  • If a fellow student or move-in helper isn’t following COVID-19 safety expectations, kindly ask them to comply. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, seek a Bradley staff member for assistance.